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Charity Financials Subscription Benefits for Investment Managers

Amplify your business development strategy with comprehensive data, benchmarking and interactive reports, tailored to your needs

Investments assets to the largest charities are worth £120bn and generate in excess of £3bn per annum to charities. A subscription enables you to:

  • Target charities with investment assets
    Worth £120bn, identify which charities have investment assets, establish what asset classes make up each charities’ portfolios, and receive notifications of any amends to future investment strategies
  • Identify charities with growing investment portfolios
    Discover charities with growing investments through Charity Financials' historical data
  • Receive timely alerts when investment cycles reach three or five years
    Charities review their investment service providers on a regular basis. Charity Financials records how long adviser-client relationships exist, allowing you to reach prospects at the right time
  • Examine client listings of all investment firms
    Charity Financials records the investment managers who work with each charity and calculates the length of time each client relationship has existed for. Each investment manager profile includes a list of current clients in the charity sector

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Discover the connections that exist between your charity client trustees and other charities

Trustees are hugely influential within charities, and often a main player in the decision-making process.

In addition, many trustees work with multiple charities - often 3 or 4 at a time. Identifying these connections manually can be an incredibly time-consuming process, yet building relationships with these contacts is vital for an investment manager.

With the Trustee Connections feature, available exclusively through the Charity Financials online subscription tool, you can easily identify which trustees have multiple trusteeships, with a few simple clicks.

This unique intelligence helps our investment manager clients to use their time more efficiently and build sustainable relationships with charities.
Over the last few years the Charity Financials’ database has been invaluable in terms of providing all the relevant data that we need relating to the Charities & NFP sector. The ability to easily filter and then download via excel has been not only been key, but critical in the success of our marketing and business development strategy for the sector. 

Robert Winterton, Charles Stanley
Smith & Williamson’s charity investment team uses Charity Financials to access vital knowledge about the charity sector. It provides us with useful and relevant financial data, investment information and other intelligence which all helps us in our business development and marketing efforts.

Smith & Williamson