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Charity Financials Subscription Benefits for Charities

Boost your finance strategy with comprehensive data, benchmarking and interactive reports, tailored to your needs

A subscription enables you to

  • Create full bespoke financial searches
    Analyse the accounts of the largest 5,000 charities in the UK, plus 160 universities and 800 independent schools, tailored to fit your interest areas
  • Benchmark and inform your processes
    Compare your charity to others by creating rankings and market shares based on parameters defined by you
  • Identify opportunities
    Discover grant making trusts and filter on support areas, such as beneficiaries and locations
  • Access an advisor database
    Identify which firms are most popular in providing expertise to the sector

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Do you know how your fundraising income and expenditure compares to other charities?

Compiling financial information on other charities can be an incredibly time-consuming process, yet it provides important intelligence for charity fundraising, finance and management teams.

The Charity Financials interactive database enables you to directly compare the financial performance of your charity to others, setting a number of parameters based on what is most meaningful to your organisation.

In a matter of seconds, you can understand your charity's finances in a wider context and identify areas for improvement.
"Charity Financials does a great job in curating data that goes into charities' annual reports. This saves us a lot of time when trying to understand the market and what’s happening in broader trends, as well as with specific charities. The alternative would be to go through annual reports individually and pull out what’s happening, which would be incredibly time consuming. With the tool, data is pulled at a fraction of the time, into one neat place. The tool is also really useful to break down how similar charities to us are performing."

Stephen Lavery, Research and Insight Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support