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Income Spotlight Report 2019

Income Spotlight Report 2019

This is the sixth edition of the Charity Income Spotlight report, which tracks annual income growth, surpluses and deficits, and for the first time examines income by location.

Key Findings

  • Charity income for the latest financial year is £77.5bn
  • Income grew by 5.8% in the latest year
  • Income grew by £4.3bn
  • 157,995 organisations reported income
  • Two fifths of all revenue are generated by organisations located/registered in the capital
  • These organisations saw an increase in annual revenue of £2.2bn
  • Most charities are small organisations with an annual income of £100k or less representing 71% of the population but generate just 3% of the total annual income
  • A handful of organisations with income over £50 million, making up just o.1% of the population generate over a third of the total income

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