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Charity Financials Income Spotlight report 2020

Charity Financials Income Spotlight report 2020

This 2020 edition of the Charity Financials Income Spotlight report tracks the annual income growth, surplus and deficits of charities across England and Wales within the last decade.

Key Findings for 2018-19 include:
  • 133,269 charitable organisations reported income in 2018-19, a notable 6,133 less than the previous year and the first drop in the last 10 years
  • Charity income for the latest financial year stood at £79.2bn; income grew by £1.7bn, a 2.2% increase from the previous year
  • 46% of all revenue generated was generated by organisations located and/or registered in the capital
  • The region with the biggest proportional income growth was the South West at 5.8%; the region with the biggest drop was Wales at -4.4%
  • Most charities in 2018-19 were micro organisations with an annual income of £100k or less. They represented 74% of the population while generating just 2.7% of the annual income
  • Organisations with income over £10million represented 0.1% of the population and generated nearly two thirds of charity income (64%)

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