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Banking Spotlight Report 2019

Banking Spotlight Report 2019

This report examines the value of cash at the disposal of the UK's largest charities and analyses the firms employed to provide banking services.

Key findings for 2018/19 financial year:

  • Barclays remains the most popular bank used by the top 5,000 charities
  • Barclays hold 21.3% of the market share, followed by NatWest at 19.4%
  • Charity cash values have increased by £0.78 billion in 2018/19, from £17.11 bn to £17.88bn
  • 55% of charity-bank relationships have lasted a decade and 14% have lasted more than 16 years
  • Charities Aid Foundation remains the biggest cash holder, at over £1bn
  • Lloyds saw the biggest cash growth in the latest financial year, with a £469m increase, and NatWest saw the biggest decrease in its cash levels, which declined by £445m

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