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Author: Sarah Case

Fighting against fraud

How can charities fight against fraud?

In 2017 the Annual Fraud Indicator estimated that charity fraud costs the sector £2.3 billion a year. A figure that has now risen to £2.5 billion in the 2019 report...

Audit inspection

So, one of the trustees wants us to consider internal audit…

Board members come from all walks of life, with different skills and life experiences, many of which will have worked in organisations where governance was paramount and internal audit was a key element of providing comfort…

Audit Inspection

The auditors are coming…

Is that your heart sinking I can hear? Impending doom? You really don’t have the time? We know, as auditors we are subjected to our own institute audit review and annual independent compliance review so we can emphasise. However, we can’t avoid it, and neither can charities – let’s call it a necessary evil!

Charity reporting

Charity trustee reports: transparency vs length

The changes that SORP 2015 brought to the Trustees' Report have been bedding in for the last few years. Transparency and balance were the requirements, although achieving that is not as clear as those changes that required a mere disclosure…