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Author: Phil Swann

Declining figures

Insight and Trends

Q1 2020: the quarter the world changed forever

The outbreak of the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on all of our lives. While keeping ourselves healthy is the primary concern during this period, maintaining a continuing means of income comes a very important second. Few sectors understand this more than charities, where the focus is on helping the neediest in society...

2019 — a good year for charity investments

2019 has proven to be one of the most successful years on record for the investment returns of balanced discretionary charity funds. According to the latest quarterly report produced by Teknometry and the Charity Investor Group, the average annual return for the universe, now consisting of 1,296 charities, was 16.08%...

An analysis of investment performance

An analysis of UK charity investment performance

In 2017, Teknometry, in conjunction with the Charity Investors Group established the Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe, to provide a representative peer group for the analysis of UK charity investment performance...