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Author: Judith Miller


Cash and COVID: tips for uncertain times

“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king”. A quote aimed at the commercial world, but just as relevant to non-profits…

Managing business processes

How trustees can better manage charity finance

Trustees’ Week is an annual event that showcases the work trustees are responsible for and any highlights any opportunities to get involved and make a difference...

What questions should we be asking?

What questions should trustees ask about finance?

As a trustee, your role involves keeping on top of the legal and regulatory sides of an organisation, just as much as the financial. While finance is my day job, and one that I truly love, I know that for most trustees the thought of poring over accounts is not what draws them to the role. But what does it take to become a good trustee?

Working together / culture / finance

Why culture and finance go hand in hand

Public trust in charities has declined in recent years and ensuring a charity has the right culture is becoming increasingly important. Having a good culture can be the bedrock of financial performance, reputation and governance…

Preparing charity accounts / managing money

Preparing charity accounts: 6 important considerations

Charity accounts can be a bit of mystery, even to accounting experts. But what will a good set of accounts contain? And what makes charity accounts different?


Finance and fundraising: oil and water or yin and yang?

Charities and fundraisers are operating with increasing risks, regulations and responsibilities and in this environment, fundraisers and finance teams need to work effectively together…