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Author: Jo Steel

Reporting in organisations

Serious incident reporting – what you need to know

The Charity Commission requires prompt, full and frank disclosures when there has been a serious incident within a charity. Because of this, trustees should familiarise themselves with the guidance provided to be able to identify these incidents, report on what has happened and report on what they are doing about them – even if a report has been made to another governing body...  

finance control

Financial controls: essential checks and procedures for charities

Effective internal financial controls are essential for trustees to meet their legal duties of safeguarding their charity’s assets and managing resources effectively...

Charity reporting

Safeguarding: a continuous system of review, action and improvement

The Charity Commission recommends that “safeguarding should be a key governance priority for all charities” and that safeguarding policies, procedures and culture should be reviewed at least once a year...  

How resilient is your charity?

Trustees: how resilient is your charity?

To deliver their key duties, trustees must continuously consider the long-term resilience of their charity, by identifying any critical issues around financial resilience and solvency, as well as the resilience of its purpose, plans and governance...

Conflicting parties

Managing conflicts of interest—what do trustees need to do?

Often seen as a ‘tick-box’ exercise, trustees should remind themselves of the importance of declaring and managing conflicts of interests, not only to maintain public trust, but to ensure compliance with the legal responsibility to act only in the best interests of the charity...

Maintaining charity relationships

Trustees: 6 ways to maintain a strong rapport with your non-charity entities

As part of its continued work to improve public confidence in the sector, in March 2019 the Charity Commission published new guidance on how trustees should manage their connections with non-charities...

5 star performance

6 ways to protect your charity's reputation

Kids Company, RSPCA, Oxfam. We can all think of scandals and governance issues that have rocked the charitable sector...