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Author: Fleur Holden

How to develop and value your relationship with your auditor

Auditing is a people-oriented activity, and the way in which we learn most effectively is not by filling in checklists, but by talking to trustees, senior management, finance, HR and fundraising teams to fully understand an organisation’s culture, risks and priorities.

Remote audit

10 tips for running a remote audit successfully

Since mid-March office workers have been required to work from home where possible and any feasible audit work has been carried out remotely… 

Managing your work


Managing financial challenges and protecting your mental health

The current economic environment may not only be taking a toll on your charity’s finances but also on your mental health as you attempt to consider questions such as...

Check list

How to be a good trustee in a period of rapid change

By the time you read this article, events in the external social and economic environment will have moved on considerably. The current pace of change means that as fast as we are thinking about how to react to a government announcement, and in the time we have implemented or even considered any actions arising, the situation has evolved again...

Keeping your processes compliant

Keeping on top of new financial regulatory changes in 2020

It’s crucial that charities keep up with the latest financial regulatory updates that have an impact on their audit and financial statements. However, for busy finance teams concentrating on everyday finances, it can be difficult...

The impact of Brexit

The Brexit effect: 5 ways to achieve financial sustainability

Voluntary sector organisations continue to face increased demand for their services against a backdrop of funding challenges, shrinking public sector budgets and local authority cuts. And the Brexit effect is compounding the situation…

Sustainable business investments

How to create a sustainable financial strategy

To develop a sustainable financial strategy, charities must avoid costly short-term thinking and fully understand how their business model impacts their financial decision making…