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Author: Charity Financials

Publicly fundraised income fell by £92 million for the top 100 UK charities in 2018/19

The latest edition of the Top 100 Fundraisers Spotlight, published by The Fundraiser, found that publicly fundraised income fell by £92 million in 2018/19. Following the effects of coronavirus it seems that these charities should expect to face an even bumpier road ahead…

Income monitor

Insight and Trends

Charity Financials Income Monitor: an initiative to provide insight to charities during COVID-19

The Charity Financials Income Monitor is an initiative set up by Charity Financials to support charities during COVID-19...


Governance and Regulation

Live Webinar: Managing charity governance, operations and finance during COVID-19

Charity Financials has partnered with Ashish Patani, Director, Ashlynwood, to host the live webinar 'Dealing with the "new normal": managing charity governance, operations and finance during COVID-19'

Income drop

Insight and Trends

Fundraising trading income fell by 63% in April 2020 on the previous year

Initial research from the newly launched Charity Financials Income Monitor shows that fundraising trading income took a severe blow in the first 2 months of lockdown...

Housing decline

Insight and Trends

Number of charitable estates declined by 12% in 2019

According to findings from Smee & Ford’s Legacy Trends 2020 report, the number of charitable estates declined by 12% in 2019 with falling death rates and a decline in the number of Grants of Representation the main contributors...