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Author: Ben Rick


Why social investment is putting ‘power’ in the hands of community organisations

Every David Attenborough fan knows the planet is in crisis. Our use of fossil fuels has led to rapid change in climate that is putting communities and habitats across the globe at risk. 


How a programme of resilience building paid dividends for one Hull charity during lockdown

In the first quarter of this year, life was ‘normal’. Do you remember? We had problems and we had plans about how to fix them. At Hull Women’s Network (HWN) that meant dealing with issues around domestic violence and doing our best to address them. Often the solutions came in quickly; finding housing for a woman that was in the right place and would keep that individual safe and away from an abuser.

Sustainable investments

How social investment could help charities affected by the financial impact of COVID-19

Before the arrival of COVID-19, “impact investing” was much discussed as a new way of thinking about investment…

Tracking the social investment market

How the social investment market is maturing

The UK has one of the world’s fastest growing social investment markets. Figures from Big Society Capital show that by the end of 2017 the UK social investment market was worth over £2.3 billion, spread across approximately 4,000 transactions...  

Social investment considerations

Social investment: the risks and considerations

Many organisations will be considering if social investment is the right route for them. It can be a big step and isn’t right for everyone. So, what are the key considerations for potential investees and what are the risks?