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Author: Alex Jones

Increasing fundraising costs

Fundraising: How much does it really cost charities?

The latest Charity Financials Top 100 Fundraisers report reveals how much the UK’s largest fundraising charities spent in the last financial year to accumulate their fundraising income.

Fundraising alert

Major shocks to the system challenge the charity sector

The annual Charity Financials Top 100 Fundraisers Spotlight report has today been launched, which examines the financial trends of the UK’s top fundraising organisations amid charity sector turbulence.

Income growth trend

Charity sector’s annual income now exceeds £75 billion

A new report from Charity Financials finds that the sector generated £75.3 billion in the last financial year, growing from £71 billion in 2015-16…

Donate now to help charity

The charitable cause with the greatest income revealed

The charity sector is diverse, supporting causes from mental health to sports and recreation – but each area generates vastly different levels of income. The latest report from Charity Financials which causal area generates the most income…

Investment income growth

Charities see biggest growth in investment income in a decade

The charity sector’s investment income swelled by £236 million in the last financial year, representing the biggest increase in this type of income over the past 10 years…

Experiencing a growth in income

Charity sector’s daily income grows by £11 million in 2016-17

A new report from Charity Financials finds that the sector generates £206 million every day, up from £195 million in 2015-16…