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Charity Financials Privacy Policy

This notice explains how MiExact Ltd processes personal information published in Charity Financials and Top 3000 Charities. It also relates to personal information we hold on individuals visiting
Please also refer to the Wilmington plc privacy policy which covers the processing of all personal data by Wilmington Plc and its associated companies.
MiExact Ltd is a data controller, registered under number 1964639 at 10 Whitechapel High St, London, E1 8QS.
About our charity products
Charity Financials (CF) is an online subscription tool that publishes information on the financial performance of charities, the individuals who are responsible for them, and the advisers who work with them.
Top 3000 Charities (T3K) is an annual print directory that publishes a summarised snapshot of the data contained in CF.
How personal information is sourced
The personal data that we hold originates from publicly accessible sources including charity accounts sourced from individual charity websites, Companies House, the Charity Commission, LinkedIn and industry press. We also verify and collect personal data by contacting the charities directly or through trusted partners that we hold contracts with.
We may already be in contact with you and your company or may do so in the future. We’d like you to be confident in the manner that we conduct our business and handle any personal data in the conduct of our business.
What personal information do we hold?
We collect the address details and telephone number for the company you represent and collect your name, job title, e-mail address and a link to your LinkedIn profile where we feel that you may benefit from products and services provided by us, our CF subscribers, and recipients of T3K.
How your personal information is used?
Personal information is published in CF and T3K so that it may be used by a select group of relevant organisations who work in or closely with charities, namely:
1.   individuals at charities who want to benchmark their performance and identify new advisers to work with;
2.   professional advisers to charities, including analysts and business development managers at investment managers, investment consultants, and auditors who subscribe to our products. These advisers use our services to access historic trends, benchmark financial performance and identify the individuals responsible at the charity to enable them to better service charities and offer relevant products and services that aim to improve their performance; and
3.   service providers such as media providers who wish to send you relevant charity related content
MiExact Ltd reviews any potential new client to CF to ensure that their services are highly relevant to charities.
How long do we keep your personal information for?
Personal information published in CF and T3K
We verify all personal data connected to a charity on an annual rolling basis and we do not publish information that falls out of this verification cycle. However, as we update from a variety of sources we allow some flexibility for situations where an annual report has been published outside of the usual 12-month cycle, for example. For more information on how we store and use this information, read our FAQs.
Recipients of Charity Financial Insider newsletter, Spotlight reports and webinars
We will keep the details of anyone who has signed up to one of our free services for up to 3 years. During this time, we will contact all individuals by e-mail to ensure that details are correct.
If you are an existing or lapsed customer, we will keep your personal data for 7 years after the expiry of any contract you have with us for auditing and compliance purposes.
How to access and control your personal information
You have the following rights with regards to your personal information;

- To access, rectify, erase, restrict, object to its processing and withdraw consent.
- We will only send you marketing about our products in a controlled, non-excessive manner, and you can unsubscribe or opt-out at any time.
- If you ask to opt out of receiving communications from us, your personal information will be kept securely as a suppression file to ensure we do not send you any communications in the future.

If you wish to exercise your rights on any of the points above please do so by contacting
Where you have asked us for a response, we will acknowledge your request on the day of receipt and provide a response within 48 hours (where a request is received Monday to Friday inclusive).
If you wish to make a complaint to our company please contact:
Bethan Cater, Head of Group Data Management:
If you wish to make a complaint about us please contact The Information Commissioner’s Office.
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