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Chelsea tops Premier League charitable giving ranking

05 December 2014

Club’s foundation spent £4.3m in 2012/13

The Chelsea FC Foundation has the largest expenditure of any Premier League football club charity, according to data from Charity Financials.

Based on the 20 current Premier League clubs, Charity Financials holds data for 18 associated charitable foundations. The remaining two – Aston Villa and Burnley – have only recently set up charities and therefore have no data available.

The Chelsea FC Foundation tops the giving table, giving a total of £4.3m in its most recent accounts. It is followed by Sunderland FC’s Foundation of Light, which spent £3.5m having increased its expenditure in each of the last five years. After them come the Manchester United Foundation (£2.8m), the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (£2.5m) and the (West Bromwich) Albion Foundation (£1.7m).

The Tigers Trust, the charity of Hull City FC, has the lowest expenditure of the group, with an outlay of £0.1m. Only slightly ahead of it is the Swansea City Community Trust, where expenditure totalled £0.3m. Above them are the Leicester City Football Club Trust (£0.4m), the Stoke City Community Trust (£0.5m) and the West Ham United Community Sports Trust (£0.6m).

Together, the 18 foundations have a most recent expenditure of £24.7m, which represents a 12.9% increase on the previous year’s figure of £21.9m. The Arsenal Foundation is excluded from this total as it only has data for one of the last two years.

The Manchester United Foundation and the Liverpool FC Foundation had the largest spending increases, up by £1.0m to £2.8m and £1.3m respectively. The Foundation of Light had the third largest increase, up £0.6m.

Manchester City’s City in the Community Foundation had the largest fall in expenditure, decreasing its spend by £0.3m to £1.1m.

The full list, with most recent expenditure in brackets, is as follows:
• Chelsea FC Foundation (£4.3m)
• Foundation of Light (£3.5m)
• Manchester United Foundation (£2.8m)
• Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (£2.5m)
• Albion Foundation (£1.7m)
• Everton in the Community (£1.5m)
• Liverpool FC Foundation (£1.3m)
• Newcastle United Foundation (£1.2m)
• Manchester City FC City in the Community Foundation (£1.1m)
• Saints Foundation (£1.0m)
• QPR in the Community Trust (£1.0m)
• Crystal Palace FC Foundation (£0.8m)
• Arsenal Foundation (£0.7m)
• West Ham United Community Sports Trust (£0.6m)
• Stoke City Community Trust (£0.5m)
• Leicester City Football Club Trust (£0.4m)
• Swansea City AFC Community Trust (£0.3m)
• Tigers Trust (£0.1m)

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Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is a journalist and communications consultant specialising in charity finance. As editorial manager of Slack Communications, he co-authors Charity Financials' range of Spotlight reports and writes regularly for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network. Previously he was editor of the Charity Finance Group's member magazine Finance Focus and senior reporter at both Charity Finance magazine and

Elsewhere he writes articles and edits special supplements for the New Statesman, advises businesses and charities on their PR, blogging and digital strategies, and holds a master's degree in Public Policy from King's College London.

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