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Charity Benchmarking Reports

15 March 2017

Benchmarking financial performance

Charity Benchmarking Reports are compiled by our expert research team who have been analysing data on the top 5000 charities for over thirty years. The financial data is used to calculate growth trends of revenue streams and efficiency comparisons of outgoing resources. 

  • Charities can use these reports to benchmark their financial performance against their peers
  • Advisers will find these reports valuable when pitching to a client and want to compare their financial performance against similar charities.

We’ve done the work for you so you don’t have to spend time researching various sources. You just choose up to five charities and we’ll send you the results in an excel file from which you can manipulate to suit your needs.


For more information on Charity Benchmarking Reports, please contact Alex McKenna on 0207 324 2350,

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Mark Pincher

Mark Pincher is data editor and development manager for Charity Financials and Smee & Ford. |


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