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Charities need to prepare for online Gift Aid donations

04 January 2013

The changes HMRCis preparing to the way that Gift Aid repayments can be claimed will mean some charities need to change their systems

"Make sure that you have plans, and potentially budgets, in place to ensure that you will be able to continue to claim on time," is what the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) is advising charities in the UK.

From the beginning of April a new system for claiming Gift Aid repayments will start replacing the current R68(i) process. The “print and post” repayment form will be replaced with three options for charities to claim payments, with the options available largely based on the size of the claims.
At the end of November a letter was sent in the post from HMRC to the nominated Gift Aid authorised official of the largest Gift Aid claimants, including information to help charities take the necessary steps to prepare for the upcoming changes.
"The authorised official is sometimes the finance lead for the organisation, so if it is not you, then you should liaise with your nominated Gift Aid authorised official to ensure that your organisation has plans in place and you understand any implications of changes for your fundraising database," the IoF warns.
"The changes will impact charities in different ways so it is important to understand what it means for your charity and produce plans, and in some cases budgets, for the changes."
The institute has prepared a briefing to help charities understand the changes and put plans in place and will make further information, when released, available on its website.
Moreinformation is available at the HMRC website.


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