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Investment Management for Charities

A charity’s assets are precious, and usually irreplaceable.

While any investment strategy for a charity or foundation must focus on safeguarding and preserving assets, that alone is not sufficient. To meet a charity’s needs in the long run, an optimal investment portfolio will need to generate income without jeopardising capital, and grow at a rate that outpaces inflation. At Rothschild, we have developed an investment approach that aims to meet these challenges, seeking to combine stability of returns with stability of income.

Why is Rothschild different?

Objective guidance

As an independent and family controlled wealth manager, we buy assets for our clients; we aren’t in the business of selling products to them. We have the freedom to buy individual securities as well as to work with the world’s best fund managers and investment houses. This allows us both to make decisions impartially and to focus on generating the best returns, driven solely by what is in our clients’ interests.

Rothschild is a safe and secure home for a charity’s assets. We are in our seventh generation of Rothschild family involvement and this frees us from the distractions that come with a volatile share price or corporate takeovers. We are also well-capitalised, with no risky trading activities.

Strong convictions

At Rothschild, we invest with conviction. Our starting point is to target preservation of wealth in real terms: to keep ahead of inflation. In an industry dominated by short-term market movements, this sets us apart. Our innovative approach goes beyond conventional asset allocation, as we believe the conventional approach masks the true risks within portfolios. We blend portfolios between what we call return (growth) and diversifying (protection) assets to understand better the risks we are taking.  What’s more, we never lose sight of things that are essential, such as focusing on maximising the chance of avoiding permanent capital losses. We insist on rigorous analysis and seek never to over-pay for individual securities, basing all our major decisions on objective measures of valuation. This approach helps us to protect on the downside during difficult markets, smoothing returns and dampening risk across the market cycle.

Exceptional service

No two charities have exactly the same requirements. Before making recommendations, we always begin with a detailed discussion of trustees’ objectives, preferences and constraints: we ensure that we completely understand your risk tolerance and return aspirations, as well as your time horizon, liquidity needs and ethical considerations. For most charities, a dependable income is particularly important. We aim to ensure that income needs are met, without taking excessive risks in the investment portfolio or compromising long-term capital growth.

Specialist team

With over 450 wealth management professionals, we have the scale, resources and intellectual capital to deliver, while still providing a personal service.

Every client is served by our dedicated charities team, with named individuals taking responsibility for everything from investment strategy to account administration. In addition, our flat organisational structure means that trustees receive individual time and attention from senior specialists and experts from across the Rothschild Group.

Rothschild and philanthropy

Wherever they have settled, the Rothschild family have sought to play their part in the life of their community, building on traditions of social concern and charity begun by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild family.

Today, a wide range of Rothschild foundations operate in fields as diverse as medical science, education, housing and the arts. In many of these areas, Rothschild initiatives have provided models for innovative philanthropy and best practice, helping to shape public policy.

Our charity clients have a wide range of backgrounds – from education, health and the arts to Livery Companies and religious groups. This gives us a good understanding of the diverse range of needs and challenges faced by charities across the UK.

Rothschild supports around 250 charities as part of our wide-ranging philanthropic initiatives, covering medical research, the arts, children’s charities, sporting, cultural and community organisations.

Nandu Patel, Managing Director and Head of Charities

Nandu has long standing expertise both in advising charities, foundations and educational endowments and managing their assets. Nandu joined Rothschild in 2010 to develop the charity business and has built a dedicated charities team of five people. Charity assets under management have since increased by 65%, representing 11% of Rothschild’s assets in the UK.

Nandu has more than 27 years’ experience in the financial services industry and, prior to joining Rothschild, spent 20 years in wealth management at Morgan Stanley. He read Economics at Cambridge University and has been a member of his Cambridge College’s Alumni Campaign Board for over 10 years. Nandu founded and remains a trustee of a grant making UK registered charity focused on education, health, and relief of poverty in the UK, East Africa and the Indian sub continent.

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