JM Finn

JM Finn

Address: 4 Coleman Street
Telephone: 020 7600 1660
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A tailored approach

We offer a high quality, personalised investment management service that aims to meet the individual demands of charities and their trustees. Designed to help guide our clients through the increasingly complex investment world, our tailored approach draws on traditional client service values in a world where individual investment manager discretion is often replaced by a process-driven response.

Individual accountability

By placing an investment manager as the primary point of contact for all our relationships, we can ensure that each client receives a personal level of service, as your manager will be responsible for managing your portfolio as well as the relationship. Our tailored approach allows for increased flexibility which can be useful if your, or your charity’s, specific circumstances change.

Our charity capabilities

We are privileged to work with a broad variety of charities thanks, in part, to our client-driven approach. Our focus on a high quality service along with a deep understanding of a charity’s requirements, has engendered long term relationships with charities throughout the UK including Livery, Educational, Religious, Children’s, Military, Hospice, Housing, Health, Disability and Animal, as well as grant making charities.


We understand that to engage a discretionary portfolio manager there needs to be a high level of trust and therefore we seek to become one of your trusted advisers. To determine how we are doing on this score across our existing clients, we asked them in a survey which confirmed a high degree of trust and confidence in both the individual investment manager and JM Finn.

Whatever your charity’s goal, while our advice is deemed to be restricted under FCA rules as we do not provide advice on all financial products, such as pensions and life assurance, we instil impartiality and accountability across the firm, which combine to provide the trustees with the level of personal service you might expect of someone entrusted to look after your investments.

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