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Charity Financials Investment Spotlight 2021

Featured Spotlight Report

Charity Financials Investment Spotlight 2021

The latest version of this report examines the investment performance of the UK's top 5,000 charities in terms of income and assesses the size of the charity investment market over the past 10 years.

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Identifying and Tackling Emerging Risks

Over the past tumultuous year, the charity sector has realised how a single volatile and unexpected event can suddenly appear, and severely disrupt its plans and strategy. We asked the Institute of Risk Management, who spoke at our first CFLF event back in February 2020, how can charities identify and assess the potential impact of emerging risks and be better prepared when the next disruptive event comes along?

Identifying and Tackling Emerging Risks
by Alyson Pepperell Co-Chair of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Charities Special Interest Group (SIG)

Co-author Paula Karlsson-Brown, Co-Chair on the Charity Risk SIG, Institute of Risk Management, and lecturer at Glasgow University 

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Featured Webinar

Charities taking action in a net zero world

'Charities taking action in a net zero world' sponsored by Investec, took place on Tuesday 23rd March.

Spotlight Reports

Charity Financials Banking Spotlight Report 2020

Charity Financials Banking Spotlight Report 2020

The 2020 edition of the Charity Financials Banking Spotlight report examines the value of cash at the disposal of the UK's largest charities and analyses the firms employed to provide banking services.

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The Reality of Managing Six Palaces through a Pandemic

With six palaces, hundreds of antique-filled rooms, and a thousand staff - Sue Hall, The Finance Director of Historic Royal Palaces reveals how she helped to save her charity from the brink of collapse during 2020. 

Insight and Trends

Risks and opportunities faced by the Charity sector due to Covid-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a damaging impact on Charities, many reporting various challenges from the inability to deliver on objectives, increase in operating costs as a result of the implementation of pandemic precautions through to dealing with possible funding gaps, to name a few. 

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