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Charity Causes Spotlight


This NEW report investigates how charities in different causal areas depend on revenue streams.




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Investing in Healthcare: risks and opportunities Healthcare in recent years has been a very fertile sector for investors, providing not only growth, but also yield, all at a reasonable price. For charity investors, the healthcare sector presents plenty of opportunities as well as risks, both of which need to be analysed in order to deliver sustainable long-term returns, without compromising principles. The risk map needs to be framed around an ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) matrix to ensure that the charities are aligning their investments with their stated objectives. The times they are a-changin’ All industries evolve over time as they adapt to the changing environment. While some changes are predictable, the factors driving them obvious and their impact gradual, other shifts happen much more quickly, and for reasons far less well understood by all but a few futurologists.  How to avoid a cash crisis When the prominent children’s charity, Kids Company, closed a few months ago, the circumstances sent shockwaves through the charity sector. How could such a high-profile and respected charity fall by the wayside so dramatically and so quickly?

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Charity Causes Spotlight Report

91% of charities reported investment income in their latest accounting period, the highest volume for all income streams

If you're going to read one book on philanthropy this year...

'The Most Good You Can Do' by Peter Singer is creating quite a following in the US and UK amongst so-called 'millennial givers', but is this hype justified? Many books are labelled 'thought-provoking' but few truly are. For my money, I believe this is one of them so if you're looking for a good book on philanthropy to read this year, look no further!

What motivates people to leave a charitable gift in a will?

A gift is a gift, but is the thought process behind making a charitable gift in your will different from making a gift right now? Recent research findings say it is.

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