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Is your manager measuring up? The Conundrum - Once upon a time, investors appointed fund managers to make them money. Life was simple: clients expected a return better than they could achieve from leaving cash on deposit. How will investment returns be generated in the future? Is Volatility here to stay? Sarasin & Partners look at what trustees should consider when estimating trend returns for charity portfolios. Investing in Healthcare: risks and opportunities Eden tree discuss the future of investing in healthcare and balancing the risks with the objectives.  

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Charity Financials Insider

Gift Aid mistakes and how to avoid them

Gift Aid was worth approximately £1.3bn to charities in 2015/16, it is too valuable to get wrong

Wellcome to the future

Will one super big grant-maker change the UK charity landscape in the future?

The scandal that keeps on scandalising - LIBOR fines and what to do with them.

The charitable use of LIBOR-fixing fines continues to attract headlines, but what should they be used for?

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