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Grant Making Spotlight


NEW- Grant Making Spotlight report sponsored by The Fundraiser reveals that the value of donations and grants from trusts has grown by 45% to £4.9 billion.


Specialist Outlook

How to avoid a cash crisis When the prominent children’s charity, Kids Company, closed a few months ago, the circumstances sent shockwaves through the charity sector. How could such a high-profile and respected charity fall by the wayside so dramatically and so quickly? Active or passive? Not an easy decision The majority of charity portfolios are actively managed. Why is this, and should more trustees adopt a passive approach? The ‘active versus passive’ debate has re-surfaced after a period of under-performance from many active equity managers… How to be an effective trustee Being a charity trustee is a demanding but a highly rewarding role that comes with a raft of accompanying responsibilities and requirements. Some of these are legally enforceable and others constitute recommended guidance and are set out in a document published by the Charity Commission called ‘The Essential Trustee’ (CC3).

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News & Views

Income increases at International Rescue Committee and Christian Aid

But other disaster response agencies don’t fare so well

More powerful regulatory body needed for fundraisers, review recommends

Opt-out system for donors also recommended

62% of Conservative MPs think charities are too political, says poll

nfpSynergy research finds deep scepticism about sector on Tory benches

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