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Charity Investment Spotlight


This report is designed to reveal how charities' assets are performing and who advises on them. Includes  It includes detail on asset allocations.


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How will investment returns be generated in the future? Is Volatility here to stay? Sarasin & Partners look at what trustees should consider when estimating trend returns for charity portfolios. Charities must take the lead on fundraising reforms The focus is on trustees as new fundraising regulations are set to be introduced this summer. Managing property assets – what’s the right way to go about it? PKF Cooper Parry takes a look at the process for releasing potential assets gained in property investment.

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Charity Financials Insider

Un-Conventional Times

National Fundraising Convention finds a sector bruised but unbowed and ready to make a success of 2016.    

How to use: A new funding superpower

Ever wanted to be able to hand a new superpower to your fundraising or funder clients? A new report brands match funding: ‘a new superpower’ and ‘a new weapon’.

Doing something funny for money

Does a bit of Comic Relief on a Giving Tuesday really help all charities or just some?

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