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Charity Income Spotlight


Third sector finances remain robust according to the findings of the NEW Charity Income Spotlight report sponsored by M & G Investments


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The times they are a-changin’ All industries evolve over time as they adapt to the changing environment. While some changes are predictable, the factors driving them obvious and their impact gradual, other shifts happen much more quickly, and for reasons far less well understood by all but a few futurologists.  How to avoid a cash crisis When the prominent children’s charity, Kids Company, closed a few months ago, the circumstances sent shockwaves through the charity sector. How could such a high-profile and respected charity fall by the wayside so dramatically and so quickly? Active or passive? Not an easy decision The majority of charity portfolios are actively managed. Why is this, and should more trustees adopt a passive approach? The ‘active versus passive’ debate has re-surfaced after a period of under-performance from many active equity managers…

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Charity Financials Insider

Zero-hours contracts: where are we now?

Charities should consider their legal position when deciding whether to use zero hours contracts

We must renew our efforts to build a stronger society

Rob Wilson has held the position of Minister for Civil Society now for little over a year. Charity Financials assesses how he's getting on.

Financial processes are helping aid reach refugees

Strict monitoring processes at Al-Khair, the UK's third largest Muslim charity, ensure that donor support for the European refugee crisis is used as it is intended, despite a highly complex and ever-changing situation on the ground. Tasneem Abdur-Rashid, head of communications and PR at Al-Khair, explains

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